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Moss! Advice please
I weed killed a patch of garden last autumn to get rid of ground elder. The patch has accumulated a lot of moss, not sphagnum, but similar to that which grows on top of flower pots kept in the damp.
It raked off very easily and I have it in heaps at the moment but there is much top soil with it that I am loathed to dispose of it. Will the moss spread its spores if I use the top soil on the rest of my garden beds of will it die off



I seem to remember someone asked this question recently and it can be composted safely, but it will need to be left for some time to allow it to compost down.

22 Feb, 2017


I wouldn't recommend spreading it on other areas of the garden unless you remove the moss itself first. You can add it to a compost heap, but not a huge amount at once - keep it to one side, soil as well, and add some every now and then over time when you add other materials to it, mixing it into the heap.

22 Feb, 2017


Thank you for your comments

27 Feb, 2017

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