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We are having gales at the moment around 65mph.
My quite high Ceanothus is now flat on the ground.
Cannot get to it yet to do anything. Will it survive?
So many people say do not prune it so I never have.
Quite bushy and tall. Please advise

On plant Ceanothus



In the lap of the weather gods right now. All you can do is wait out Storm Doris and then check. If it has been badly damaged you will need to prune back is this a deciduous or an evergreen variety? Bamboo will be able to give you advice of the actual pruning or check the RHS site.

23 Feb, 2017


Its bad here in the south too - you will, as MG says, have to wait till tomorrow for the storm to blow itself out before checking the damage, and decide on action after that. Do you know which variety it is, and how long have you had it?

23 Feb, 2017


We are having lovely spring-like weather here in New York, my tulips are emerging,daffs, everything.

23 Feb, 2017


Not what we needed to hear Bathgate ;)

23 Feb, 2017


LOL im just saying! We are in a lull between storms. Stay safe everybody!

23 Feb, 2017


Umm...I'd best stay mum, then! :)

24 Feb, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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