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By Tercol

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Waiting for daylight to see what Doris has done to the garden!



Join the club. It was so windy here yesterday that we were afraid to venture out for fear of being hit by flying objects. The small amount of snow made little difference and it has all quietened down today. The birds are making a fuss about what they are discovering.

24 Feb, 2017


apart from small twigs from the large trees at the perimeter there doesn't appear to be any problems. the storm peaked here at about 4pm.
hope you all have kept safe and sound.

24 Feb, 2017


The winds got up too 40mph here in Leigh-on-Sea, No damage to our garden thank goodness, felt on sheds ok & glass in greenhouses stayed in place too I think will check the greenhouse later :o)), all my garden rubbish that is stacked down our sideway ready for the tip stayed in place too LOL.
The sound of the wind was quite scary at times, I didn't venture out in the storm LOL.
Hope everyone is damage free too.
xx Jackie xx

24 Feb, 2017


Two snapped fence posts in the Hidden Garden. 63 mph recorded not far away at Shawbury. Sounded bad, but it often does here.

24 Feb, 2017


Waugh! I'm glad you all got through OK! We get some hairy monsoon storms, here, with gusts up to 80 mph, but those storms rarely last more than half an hour.

24 Feb, 2017


Doris started here at about 6 am and it was still very windy at 11 pm when we went to bed.
Strangely my fence posts have not snapped, rather it is the metal post holders which have rotted away. 20 years they have been in so I should not complain. Had to prune a Clematis montana and a Climbing rose to ground level to reach the posts though which is a bit of a bind.
Mind we have just been down the road and brought back a car load of firewood from the roadside.

24 Feb, 2017

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