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Storm Doris has blown my 7-8' cordyline australis over to a 45 degree angle. Can I save it by pulling it back into position and supporting it? It has two crowns which makes it top heavy . Could i cut away one of these to make it less heavy? Any advice will be appreciated as I love my Cordyline!




If me , I would put a couple of stakes in before anymore damage is done as it may not be a end of all this bad weather plus the ground is so wet which doesn't help.

How long have they been growing in the garden ?

Pruning away one of the tops may not encourage new growth but would reduce the wait .

My concern is for it to topple over what happening with the roots, as all the ones I have grown have been able to stand up to all weather thrown at them , yes may damage the leaves but thats all it would do.


24 Feb, 2017


I take it the roots have come out of the ground to some extent rather than its actually snapping or breaking? If so, you can try reburying it, but if there's no damage to the top, the optimum time to cut back is late April or May rather than now. If there is damage, you'll have to do it now, but I certainly agree you should try staking it once you've got it back in the ground.

24 Feb, 2017


You might want to prune off up to 1/3 of the oldest leaves, to reduce weight, and to reduce the work for the damaged root system.

25 Feb, 2017

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