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hi I have a wrought iron fence.. could camellias be trained along it cordon fashion.?



Think it highly unlikely considering that they grow into large shrubs around two metres in height and a good metre plus across. They also need protection from early morning sun as the flower buds form in winter and if there is a frost and the sun shines on the frosted buds they will abort.
Just out of curiosity why do you want to do this? There are lots of small trees etc. that will take happily to being cordoned.

25 Feb, 2017


its a strange one moongrowe I bought two 2years ago put them in pots around the back which is sheltered in semi shade which they are supposed to like but didn't ...brought them to the south facing front against an exposed ornamental wrought iron fence in full sun and they are thriving in full bloom and I just thought they would nice interwoven in the railings ...evergreen and nice flowers in winter...p.s fence only 15 feet long by5 feet high and plants still in their pots

25 Feb, 2017


At the front would you not need to maintain the wrought iron fence by painting regularly? It would be difficult if you interweave the fence with foliage of any kind. If you cordon train plants on wire strung between two wooden posts you could still get access to your fence. Is there enough space to allow the camellias to grow towards the house or are you talking of a narrow front garden?

25 Feb, 2017


The Camellias will be much happier planted in the ground rather than left in pots, unless you have alkaline soil.

25 Feb, 2017


A Sasanqua type could make an informal espalier, but Scotsgran's mention of fence maintenance is well taken.

26 Feb, 2017

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