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I have 3 orchids which I have had for some time. One is on its 7th year one 5years and one 3 years- I get magnificent blooms from them anually and in one case twice per year.
My orchids are in clear plastic pots (that they came in originally) but I feel that these are unsightly with the root systems showing.
I feel that I would like to transplant them into ceramic white pots to add to their look but wonder if I will harm them by doing so.
Are orchids best in clear pots ? and must have a reason to be planted in these in the first place.
I dont want to "rock the boat" by transplanting them.



All of my orchids are in ceramic pots. Go ahead and transplant them if you like. Just be sure to use the loose chunky orchid mix so that plenty of air circulates around the roots. That's the most important thing. Just mist the roots with a spray bottle every couple days.

25 Feb, 2017


Nan, it is useful to have the orchids in clear plastic pots so that you can see when they need watering. I just put the plastic pot into a ceramic cachet pot, means the plant can be taken out of to water.

25 Feb, 2017


I agree about putting the see through pots into a ceramic pot. Orchid roots need air as well as water (lots of them grow in trees with no soil) so it's normal to them.

25 Feb, 2017


Thank you all for your help ! I was concerned that the roots were looking cramped -and was going to re-pot into bigger pots - Is this not necessary ?

The garden centre has the orchid compost that I was going to use, but I wondered if it would set them back by re-potting ?

I am just so loathe to try anything incase I lose my lovely plants

looks like there is no compost in the pots as the roots are so squashed together.

One has a sprout - so I might not tamper with it at the moment.

I am just so scared that I lose them

26 Feb, 2017


If the roots are all "squashed together" their ability to take in air/moisture is compromised. They would appreciate more space to breathe. If you do it lovingly, there should not be a problem. Feel free to look through my "Orchid blog" if you'd like to see how these grow in nature.

Here is the link:

26 Feb, 2017


If the roots really are so crammed together there is little or no compost then yes repot but still into a clear plastic pot with holes in it.

26 Feb, 2017


Moongrowe is spot on!

EPIPHITE: A plant that grows on another plant and depends on it for support but not food. Epiphytes get moisture and nutrients from the air or from small pools of water that collect on the host plant. Spanish moss and many orchids are epiphytes. Also called aerophyte , air plant.

26 Feb, 2017


Thank you so much everyone x

27 Feb, 2017

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