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When and where could I buy ranunculus plug plants? Seen a lovely display in painted plant pots that I would like to recreate. Are there any on- line retailers can you can recommend and when do the become available? (May) Thanks



They should be available now or very soon at most decent garden centers. They are big business and I can't imagine you having much difficulty finding them - as well as many other spring tubers - begonias, lilies, dahlias, etc. March for sure if not now.

26 Feb, 2017


I bought mine a few years ago in Wilko. They have all kinds of bulbs and tubers at the moment.

26 Feb, 2017


I assume you mean Ranunculus asiatica, double flowers which are a turban shape? come in a range of bright colours? the corms are available now or you can buy them in pots like primulas.
Ranunculus is a very large genus of plants.

26 Feb, 2017


Thanks everyone.

Barhgate- I will pop into local garden centre and have a look. Are they frost hardy?

Thorneyside- Thought it would be better to get them as plug plants now or can I plant corms now for them to flower this spring/ summer?

Seaburngirl- yes I mean the asiatica variety. I Particularly like the white and pink ones, planted up in individual terracotta pots.

26 Feb, 2017


No they are not frost hardy. You can pot them up in the house to give them a headstart and move them outdoors once the weather turns nice. They will bloom continuously until frost.

26 Feb, 2017


I have found they don't repeat flower for me but each corm can produce several flowers with a flowering season of about 6 weeks. then they die back and disappear under ground until next year [in a sheltered spot they can come again year on year. certainly killed by frost here in E Yorks.

26 Feb, 2017


Thank you Bathgate and Seaburngirl.

26 Feb, 2017


However, each bloom will last for over 2 weeks looking good. They make outstanding cut flowers too and wide palette of colors.

27 Feb, 2017

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