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I've been buying again! ID 1 needed please.

Been up to the family home and there is a great nursery there with lots of plants but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of knowledge amongst the workers. No labels in any pots.
I have 6 for you but I'll add them separately.

Yes it is a crocus but if any one can offer species name and or variety I will be eternally grateful.

when the flower opens out it is like a salver, petals fold back so it is flat. the paler petals are on the out side.

Crocus_1 Crocus_1a



Looks like one of the C.tommasinianus, possibly Whitewell Purple.

27 Feb, 2017


that's a help thanks. It is a very slender crocus. I have one of similar colours called vanguard but it's much squatter.

27 Feb, 2017


Take back the Whitewell Purple. C.tommasiniana is a very slender one. I find that they fall over all too easily. Having said that they are also the only ones we can keep as they reproduce faster than the mice can eat them.

27 Feb, 2017


'Whitewell Purple' is a named form of C. tommasinianus - it has darker flowers.

27 Feb, 2017

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