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Hello- My pride and joy Red Cordyline needs to be re-potted as it is somewhat outgrowing it's present one. When would be the right time to do this? I'm terrified of killing it or something. Also, it has got a couple of 7-8" shoots coming from beneath the soil line. I would love to pot those and get a couple of new plants but a) I am completely new to gardening and have never taken a cutting, therefore, I haven't actually got a clue what I'm doing and b) I read that if you don't do it right you could stand to kill the Mother plant!!! Please help me someone



You can repot your cordyline now. As for the new growth at the base, if its large enough,you can try cutting (with an extremely sharp knife) downwards,making sure you get a good piece of root with each plantlet. If you want to try doing that, repot in September, when the weather's more autumnal, so the plant has more of a chance of surviving your cutting out roots. If you can't get root with it, then leave them alone - either wait till next Spring and have another look then, or leave them to grow on and make a more interesting Cordyline.

13 Aug, 2010


Thanks Bamboo. I will take your advice. Mind you, it's pretty Autumnal out there today already. Don't know what it's like where you are but gosh it feels chilly.......and wet!!!

14 Aug, 2010


I'm in West London and you're absolutely right - I'll confess I had the heating on at 9 a.m., it felt so damp, chilly and clammy indoors.

14 Aug, 2010

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