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Zephirine Drouhin foilage?


Is the foilage on the climbing rose Zephirine Drouhin semi evergreen?
Most of the foilage from last year, on my plant, has not died or fallen off. Will new leaves develop in Spring or will the plant keep its current leaves?



It must have been a mild winter! They are semi-evergreen here, and OCD gardeners snip off all the old leaves just before new growth starts, to reduce transmission of pests and diseases from year to year. If not removed, though, the old leaves just turn yellow and drop off as new growth pushes through.

4 Mar, 2017


Yes, it's been a pretty mild winter but the rose has also had the protection of shelter from cold winds and been trained up the house wall, which must add a few degrees!
About snipping off all last year's leaves ... will that speed up the new leaves developing? I assume waiting until they drop off will delay that.
Glad you advise that because the current leaves don't look good.

4 Mar, 2017


Mine is the same.{east Yorks} they will drop off when new foliage takes over. In fact it has been throwing out the odd flower all the way through Dec and Jan.

4 Mar, 2017


Okay, but will snipping off the current leaves speed up the new leaves developing, or does it make no difference and is a waste of time?

4 Mar, 2017


It speeds up the emergence of new leaves, but reduces future growth slightly. If you want it to cover more area quickly, I would leave the old leaves, and cultivate a good earthworm population, to increase the plant's immune system.

5 Mar, 2017


Thanks again.

I've decided to just leave the current leaves on and let it do what comes naturally!
But it will certainly look better when the new foilage replaces the old.

6 Mar, 2017


I've pruned mine back to fit the arch and new shoots are forming but there are old leaves on the branches.

6 Mar, 2017

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