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A friend has given me seed capsules to grow. But I don't recognise them. the capsule is spherical and the ovary is split into 3. each section carries 2 seeds. Some seeds are creamy white, others brown and the others black.

Can any one identify them? I have sown them and I will see what comes up.

Unknown_seed Unknown_seed_1



Not a clue but it will interesting to see what grows
Good luck Eileen.
PS The frogs are back in the pond and all my plants are thriving.

7 Mar, 2017


They look very much like morning glory to me. I grow them each year.

7 Mar, 2017


that is interesting as she liked them in a friends garden last year. I thought the seed was chunkier than that but if they are from a garden could well be.
we will wait and see.

glad frogs are back and plants are happy :o)

8 Mar, 2017


Told her today and she said oh are they the climbers that look like bind weed? she is over the moon that is what they are.

9 Mar, 2017

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