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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

I planted this compact Ceanothus 2 or 3 years ago and it's done absolutely nothing - zilch! It doesn't seem to be distressed at all but it hasn't grown an inch or produced any flowers. It's in an open border and gets sun for about 4 hours a day (when it's sunny!). Any suggestions please to kick it into life.

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Well I'd not worry. as it is a compact variety it may be very slow growing anyway. keep it well watered and next month give it a light feed.

12 Mar, 2017


Well its showing signs of new growth - I can see some newer leaves and what looks like tiny leaf growth in the axils. Give it a boost with some Growmore - a couple of handfuls spread round, turn it into the soil lightly without damaging roots, towards the end of this month. I can see some browning, which could be cold damage at this time of year, or previous drought.

12 Mar, 2017


Thanks - that's reassuring.

12 Mar, 2017


I agree with Bamboo. It must have grown some, since most of those leaves aren't 2-3 years old. I sounds like it is seriously short on sunlight, though. Its ancestors in California and Oregon grow on sunny beaches and coastal cliffs.

13 Mar, 2017


I've got a wisteria like that. I mean, not dead but not doing much either.

13 Mar, 2017

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