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Hi, could anyone help with what I can do to revive these please? (If anything at all).
Two lavender standards, they have lived by the back door all last summer and this winter, not sure if they are dead now though or why, or if they will come back to life?

Two plants in pots that have lived fine by the bird table for a few years, but now looks like one has gone dead on me and not sure why? Will that come back? ( sorry don't know the name of them)

And finally I have conifers that I'm training into standard shapes in my borders that are doing great, all but one.
Have sprayed it with bug clear but hasn't done anything, and it looks like it's on its last legs.
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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I'm sorry to say we need more pictures - a close up of one of the lavender plants and of the healthy plant near the bird bath, plus another of the dead one. Its probably simpler to post a question on each with clearer photos - at the moment, under magnification, its impossible to see the plants clearly - in the case of the ones near the bird bath, its impossible to even tell what they might be.

One question re the lavenders though - are they in a full sun situation by that door, or has it been pretty shady through winter? Is it very windy there? I note there are other plants in the same pot, when did you plant those in there and how long have the lavenders been in the same pots?

And as for the conifer, that brown area, whatever caused it , will no longer produce any green growth, though the rest of the plant will do so -you may want to consider replacing it rather than looking at a dead brown patch ongoing.

13 Mar, 2017


Hi bamboo.
Will post close up pictures straight after this.

The lavender plants by door seem to miss out on a good percentage of the wind thankfully, but they definitely get more than there fare share of shade, as this area suffers from it badly, even when the rest of the garden has full sun. The plants in the pot with them have been in since last Spring, they died back and are just coming up again in most places. They have pretty much shared the pot for a year now.

Regarding the conifer, as a long shot before replacing it, is it worth digging up and turning it round so the good side is on show outwardly and the brown dead side maybe hiding, by facing it into The
Fence and so it can't be seen properly?

13 Mar, 2017


Having difficulty loading pictures bamboo. For some reason it won't load when I try to post. Will keep trying though.

13 Mar, 2017


Bamboo, I have Managed to load close ups of lavender standards after many attempts, but keep trying unsuccessfully to load photos of the unknown plants by the bird table. Don't know if there is a problem on the site, but will give it another go in about half hour.

13 Mar, 2017


If the conifer hasn't been in place for years, then yes, you can try digging it out, carefully, without breaking roots, and replant.

Difficulty loading pics is usually to do with the size - the site restricts the size of photos, so try resizing them.

13 Mar, 2017

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