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ID please. Not the fern or grass in the pot.

Dscf3204 Dscf3208



That gawky growth habit makes me think of Kerria japonica, maybe Jasminum nudiflorum, though the leaves don't look right for the latter. Hard to be sure at this stage, with the leaves only just arriving.

14 Mar, 2017


Thanks Bamboo. Should it be cut back? If not now, or later.

14 Mar, 2017


No, best wait till its obvious what it is, for all we know it might flower before June, and pruning it now will mean it won't...

14 Mar, 2017



14 Mar, 2017


I think it is Leycestria Formosa (Pheasant berry). You can cut it down any time as much as you want. It has attractive flowers followed by black berries which the birds love.

15 Mar, 2017


Thanks SG. Will let it kick on & time will tell.

16 Mar, 2017

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