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An annoying neighbour has cut down an entire hedgrow leaving us with very little privacy, I want to plant a few trees that will grow quickly and give good screening,what can you recommend that will fit in symapthetically?




Please can you redo the photo so it shows more detail? The bottom half is just black on my screen.

14 Mar, 2017


Spartan Junipers - Fast growing conifers that look good all year long. They look nice, smell nice, and endure all kinds of weather. Mine have survived tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and now a nor'easter as I type this.

Here is my pic

14 Mar, 2017


Remember there will be height restrictions on what you ca grow and trees don't, in general, just grow to a certain height and then stop. Agree with Stera photo far too dark is see much of anything

14 Mar, 2017


Spartan Junipers only grow to 20 feet or so. Tall enough for privacy, but not monster trees. They keep a neat & tidy appearance so maintenance is minimal.

14 Mar, 2017


Usually nothing is permitted taller than 6 feet between gardens in the UK Bathgate, the neighbour would have an absolute right to complain at 20 feet.

14 Mar, 2017


So top it off at 6 feet, not a problem

14 Mar, 2017


You could try Sambuca which is easy to keep trimmed - the dark red (Nigra) is nice but they won't fill the gap for a few years. There is also Buddleia. You get blooms on both trees and the bees and butterflies love Buddleias.

15 Mar, 2017


Still no clearer photo Tamsolina? Its really hard to make it out as dark as that.

16 Mar, 2017

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