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By Jensen

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I would like advice on pruning this Russet Apple Tree. I have pruned back the central leader by about a foot, as shown in the three photos, because the apples up here were hard to reach from a ladder. The central leader and the other leader to the left of it are slightly higher than the other less thick branches, although it does not look like this in the photo. (Note: there is a plum tree to the right which looks as if it is conflict with the apple tree, when in fact it is not). I pruned back the other leader to the left too. Is it alright for the cuts to be made here? Will the tree be alright? I mean, should I have gone all the way back to where the leaders separate out, or should I have not cut them back at all?
Thank you for any advice.
P.S. Since beginning to write this I have realised that, according to pruning information on websites, the left leader should probably have been cut away before it developed because there should only be one, central, leader.

Dscf0498 Dscf0499 Dscf0505



If you want to make the tree easier to pick, I would have cut the entire center of the tree back to those scaffold branches.

16 Mar, 2017


Thank you for this piece of advice.

20 Jun, 2017

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