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By Al_x

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hello all you helpful people. We just bought a house with this monster on the patio. Anyone knows what it is?

Any idea why the previous owner would have kept this on the patio?




Maybe some kind of herb. Is it aromatic?

16 Mar, 2017


I think its Hypericum Hidcote - maybe they kept it (presumably in a pot) there because it flowers, or maybe it gives more privacy. Needs cutting back hard this month.

16 Mar, 2017


Hah, i wish on both accounts. It's not fragrant and keeping it in a pot? More like a masonry grow bed.

I can believe that it would require cutting back because it's huge...

16 Mar, 2017


Well, when they bought it, it would have been no higher than 8 or 9 inches with attractive, butter yellow reasonably large flowers. Probably didn't occur to them what would happen once it got going...

16 Mar, 2017


These are quite good value when they are in flower - go on for ages. Just cut it hard back as Bamboo suggests and give it a trial. It flowers on the new years growth so you shouldn't miss a seasons flowers.

16 Mar, 2017


Okay. I will make sure i keep some for the front of the house then. In pots... :-D

Thanks for the ID

17 Mar, 2017


Hypericum Hidcote (which yours is) gets a bit big for pots even with regular trimming - you'll need large containers. If you want a smaller one look at Hypericum Kouytchense.
There are many different hypericums so make sure you don't get the spreading one.

17 Mar, 2017

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