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By Toosh

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

How many trailing petunias do I put in a hanging basket please.



how big are the baskets? this will decide how many plants you need to put in to get a good show.

16 Mar, 2017


And are you putting anything else in them, such as an upright plant in the middle or other trailing plants?

16 Mar, 2017


Are you going for instant effect--such as a party in a few weeks--or are you going for all summer color? If the former, then I would plant 1 plant for every 7 cm of basket diameter. If the latter, then plant 2/3 to 1/2 as many plants.

17 Mar, 2017


I was told to squeeze in as many as I could as they like that.

17 Mar, 2017


Yes the garden centres would like that, but I don't think the plants would be quite so enthusiastic, Derek.

17 Mar, 2017


How big is your basket? What else are you planting with it? What effect are you going for?

17 Mar, 2017


I think it was on one of the gardening programmes that I heard about squeezing them in, Derek, but it was some years ago so thinking may have changed now. Anyway I gave up on hanging baskets as I found the watering can almost too heavy to lift as it aged!

18 Mar, 2017


I put just 5 plants in a 12inch basket (Surfinias) going round just the front three quarters of the basket. I always get a drop of 3ft plus . They never fail. My baskets have been in the greenhouse now for three weeks and the plants are already standing 4 inch high. My plants always come from Enderby nursery near Leicester.

20 Mar, 2017


They look great cascading down like that. I have them on my garden wall.

21 Mar, 2017


I like surfinias too and used to grow them in baskets before I stopped. Very pretty and long lasting.

21 Mar, 2017

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