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By Thecat

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Hi all, happy new gardening year!
I had a Jasmine which although it grew well it didnt produce many flowers and was a creamy colour rather than white. So I've dug it up and want to get another one, but I want one thats white and gives plenty of flowers. I did find one, Jasmine officinale grandiflorum. However I havent been able to find anywhere to buy it, either in garden centres or online. According to the RHS website its difficult to grow in the UK. So I'm asking you guys for suggestions. Best wishes.



You'll find Jasminum officinale fairly easily if not now then in a short while, and that one is hardy, which grandiflora isn't in the UK. Needs a fair bit of space though - it reaches 35 feet by about 12 feet.

19 Mar, 2017

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