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By Donny

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

We have moved to a house, with a sad non cared for garden. We have a thing growing rapidly, looks a bit like asparagus! When picked it gives off a powder like like dust. Any ideas?



Can you post a photograph please

20 Mar, 2017


I'm unable to send photo. How can I email a photo? I've been it could be Japanese knot weed! God help us!

20 Mar, 2017


You take a photo with a digital camera or your smart phone and upload it to the site, either just under Photos on your own page and tell everyone it's there, or post a new question with the photo.

I hope its not Japanese knotweed for your sake - at this time of year its probably starting to grow again, but over winter the stems should have looked like hollow stalks, around 3-4 feet high. Whoever owns the land is responsible for restricting its spread to other properties, or for its treatment and eradication, so for council or housing association properties, its their responsibility, and for leasehold properties, its the responsibility of the leaseholder. If its a freehold property and you own it, I'm afraid its your responsibility.

But best to confirm its that before panicking - there are things you can do yourself to keep it in check. I don't know what the 'giving off dust' bit's about, not something typical of knotweed.

21 Mar, 2017


If it turns out to be knotweed and if there's not a lot of it you can get rid of it by breaking of the stem and pouring weed killer into what remains of it at the bottom. If you still can't upload a photo come back and tell us so someone can give you more help.

21 Mar, 2017

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