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Any tips on planting a young pieris plant, what type of fertiliser can I use in the planting hole.



They prefer Ericaceous compost,which is also used for Camellia's,Rhododendrons,Azaleas ,plus any acid loving plants..I don't have acid soil,but all mine thrive with the addition of it in the planting holes,and a yearly mulch ...There are also appropriate plant feeds for diluting in a watering can, so just check labels to get the correct one..Your Pieris will be more than happy ...

21 Mar, 2017


If its a Pieris japonica variety, they like a bit of sun, though some shade is fine. Pieris forrestii varieties, on the other hand, prefer shade or dappled shade. And yes, they do prefer acid soil conditions - if you use ericaceous compost in the planting hole, you don't need to add any chemical fertilizer, but you can certainly put a handful or two of fish, blood and bone in the planting hole.

21 Mar, 2017


I agree with all the advice given but I use Bone Meal forked in to the bottom of the planting hole and scattered up the sides of the hole before placing the plant in the hole and filling it up with the dug out soil. I'm assuming in Perthshire you have ericaceous soil.

22 Mar, 2017

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