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By Donny

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Thanks for your comments on my knot weed question. We moved in the start of November, no sign of it then. Now it's 3-4 inches tall, in an area of 15 by 30 foot. No sign in neighbouring gardens. But it's very close to the boarders. !



We really do need a photo

21 Mar, 2017


Yes I agree.
alternatively google images for it your self but try the RHS website to be certain of its identity.

22 Mar, 2017


If this property is one you've bought rather than just rented, and you were not advised of the presence of Japanese knotweed, the Agent concerned, and the seller, has broken the law - Japanese knotweed is a 'material fact' that may affect both the decision to buy the property, and the mortgage company's decision to lend the money to buy it, the same way that the building of something like HS2 within five miles might. Many mortgage suppliers refuse to lend on properties which have Japanese knotweed within a certain distance, more information here

22 Mar, 2017

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