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I planted some penstemons last year and they did well. This year the stems are tall (as they've been all winter) and bearing flower buds. There is also new growth from the base of the plant. The question is should I cut off the long stems or leave them to flower?



Wow, a very mild winter! You could let the old stems bloom, and then remove them, but that will reduce the vigor and delay the bloom of the new stems.

23 Mar, 2017


Just what I was trying to decide about half an hour ago! Mine are long and straggly but full of promise - its a difficult one isn't it? I didn't see any flower buds though.
I might cut some of them off and leave the others to see which is best for another year - have usually cut them back halfway in the autumn but didn't get round to it last year. (You get lots of nice shoots for cuttings that way)

23 Mar, 2017


I've been thinking of cutting them off and putting in a vase indoors. Does anyone know if they will last? I've found that euonymus drops its leaves so those stems will have to be put in the garden wheely bin and I don't have much else right now.

23 Mar, 2017


Probably depends how near opening they are. Don't hold your breath!

23 Mar, 2017


I cut mine down last week and the new growth is coming on a treat, so I'll get lots more flowers in the summer. I also used some of the removed material to make cuttings. they are doing well too.

23 Mar, 2017


I cut them back yesterday and took the taller stems in the house to put in a vase. They still look ok. I'd already pulled off the shoots without buds from said stems so hopefully they will take root.

24 Mar, 2017

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