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I have acquired a beautiful Akebia Quinata in the garden of the house we've just moved to. Currently in flower and looking lovely. However, we need to move it, because of building work later in the year. Is this possible, and if so, when would be the best time. ?



Is it growing supported by some structure or is it free ranging on the ground? You can move it so to speak by taking a few cuttings and planting them in a new area of your choice as ground cover or on a support instead of digging it up and moving it. Don't place it to close to your neighbors property since it has the potential to be invasive. Time to do this is spring or fall.

24 Mar, 2017



How old and how large is the vine ?

How late in the year is the work starting ?

Cuttings as Loosestrifle2 has suggested may be the easier option and these are taken from the new growth about now or in a few weeks time (semi ripe) and about 6 inches long and potted up in a multipurpose compost and kept warm but out of full sun until they root ...


24 Mar, 2017

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