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I have a flower i cannot identify it is a bulb now in bloom asked many people but no recognises it.

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Leucojum vernum aka Spring Snowflake. Could be in the form Gravetye Giant which is the one normally sold.

25 Mar, 2017


thank you Owdboggy

25 Mar, 2017


yes I also think it is Gravetye Giant. I love this bulbs. I have a good clump that flowers without fail every year.

25 Mar, 2017


It's named after Gravetye Manor, just down the road from me - a beautiful country house hotel with fabulous gardens. Wish we could afford dinner there.

25 Mar, 2017


It was originally found at Ingwersen's Nursery at Gravetye, many years ago. Sadly the nursery is no longer there as the last Ingwersen (Paul)died recently.

26 Mar, 2017


I used to walk my dog around Gravetye and walked past Ingwersens many times. It's a lovely part of the countryside. I remember when he retired and stopped exhibiting at Chelsea but didn't know he'd died. Lovely plants.

26 Mar, 2017

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