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By Caron

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me what these black spots are on the leaves please, the new growth is also shrivelling. Is there anything I can do?

Img_1246 Img_1247



Any idea what kind of plant it is, Caron? Also, is it in sun or shade, and have you done anything different with it this year?

27 Mar, 2017


Thanks for replying. It's a Pittosporum. It gets the sun from late morning to early afternoon. I haven't done anything different with it, it was growing really well till now.

27 Mar, 2017


The closest thing that I can find is the Pittosporum psyllid (Trioza vitreoradiata), but I'm not sure what its life cycle is like. Did the damage just show up, or is it leftover from last summer?

27 Mar, 2017


This plant is a Pittosporum Tenuifolium and the damage started recently, the shrub is less than two years old.

27 Mar, 2017


I was just thinking that to do that much damage already, it must have been active during amazingly cold weather, so I was wondering if the damage actually happened last fall, during the late summer/fall growth spurt.

28 Mar, 2017


Thanks for the advice Tugbrethil. I will do a bit of research and see if there is anything I can spray on it and just keep my fingers crossed.

31 Mar, 2017

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