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By Gattina

Bologna, Italy It

Each year, our beautiful Gaura plants come back and thrive, but get just too leggy and take over the borders. I believe that at some stage before flowering, you can cut back the ends to produce a much more compact, bushier plant, without losing any of the flowers. Can anyone tell me by how much and at what stage, please? We have had a whole month of really warm, sunny weather, and things are getting a bit ahead of themselves, but I don't want to do it too soon. They grow very happily on a full sun, poor soil slope, so it isn't too much nitrogen or lack of light that is the problem.



Hello stranger, welcome back. I've never heard of your Gaura plants but would like to know the answer.

28 Mar, 2017


I think you are thinking of the 'Chelsea Chop', cut them back by about half at the time Chelsea flower show is on. they will be bushier but obviously flower a bit later.

28 Mar, 2017


Yes, you can cut Gaura back by half in late Spring - early June or so. Also another LIGHT pruning after the first flush of blooms will trigger another wave of blooms later in the season.

29 Mar, 2017


Aren't you lucky Gattina. Gaura only do slightly well in the first year in my garden and then disappear. I love them for their arching delicacy. Obviously they like a warmer climate.

6 Apr, 2017

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