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Hi all .Could anyone tell me if Actinidia Kolomikta could be kept low enough to cover a fence panel ?



You haven't said what height fence panel, but even if its six feet, you will need a support or trellis to grow this plant, its a twiner. As its ultimate height is up to 8 metres, it's probably better to choose a shorter growing climber rather than struggling to keep this one under control. Actinidia kolkomitka is usually only pruned when absolutely essential.

28 Mar, 2017


Thank you Bamboo.I already have the plant but have had to move it from the front wall of the house as for the last two years it has started off beautifully but then the sun has crisped the leaves. I just love the variegation and would love to keep it but I keep reading how large it gets and that has me worried as the only space in the back garden is a 6ft fence panel.Having said that it was certainly a slow grower in the front and only made about five foot in three years!

28 Mar, 2017


Nothing to lose by giving it a shot then - you can always take it out later on if its just too much trouble.

28 Mar, 2017


In a word, yes. Mine is growing against a six foot tall fence. Be prepared to prune it on an annual basis though.

28 Mar, 2017


Thank you Andrew.Very reassuring .I'll put in a strong support and let it fly away (she says hopefully) .

29 Mar, 2017

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