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Hi :o)). My Clematis are growing but how can you tell which ones to cut down as I have a lot of dead growth on some of them, name tickets long gone.?

P1050042 P1050301 P1050304



Difficult - if some of them are quite tall and are showing growth right at the top with none below, that might mean they're the ones that should be cut down. Unfortunately, its a bit late to cut them down anyway, they should have been done by mid February at the latest, but they won't suffer if you do it now, you'll just have to wait longer for flowers this year.

29 Mar, 2017


You could have a go at identifying the clematis by comparing the flowers on Taylor's website. They colour code so you don't need to trawl the whole site. Also when they flower should give you an idea. 'Flower before June dont prune' ( in February ).

29 Mar, 2017


I've added some pictures of three of them that I took on these dates...... :o))

No1. May 16th

No2. June 11th

No3. June 11th

30 Mar, 2017


Top picture looks like piilu (GP 2) ,Not sure of middle or bottom. Are they separate or intertwined.

30 Mar, 2017

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