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Hello i planted for the first time bouganvillia in large planters last year, i sheltered it all winter and ive now put it on sunny patio. My problem is no shoots! My question is when will my plant wake up!! Or do you think its still too early? Many thanks Jane



Hi Jane and welcome to GoY, whereabout are you in the UK? Where did you 'shelter' overwinter and do you literally need me is nothing visibly growing? For most of the UK the pot needs to be in a conservatory or similar overwinter as they need a minimum of 10˚C overnight.

31 Mar, 2017


First, scratch a little bark off of a few of the twigs to see if they are still green and alive. As MG has said, they don't like any frost, and in the UK, should be treated as houseplants or greenhouse plants--think the tropicals house at Kew!
If still alive, what are you feeding them? Bougies in containers need regular, moderate feeding. I prefer a food with 3-1-2 proportions, though if it is shy to bloom, a dose or two of tomato food can bring that out.

31 Mar, 2017


It's still too cold to leave Bougainvillia outside in the UK - mid to end of May at the earliest, because we continue to run the risk of frost overnight right up till end of May.

31 Mar, 2017

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