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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

The thornless blackberry I set 2 1/2 years has performed splendidly, but something is growing at the base. I'm hoping these are new shoots




Look very much like it Hank - don't panic yet! Looks as though next years you'll be well away!

1 Apr, 2017


Well there is some ground elder growing round the canes otherwise all looks fine

1 Apr, 2017


Thanks for that news Sue - I hoped that was what they were.

1 Apr, 2017


MG - had to google "ground elder" as I hadn't a clue. Will check it out tomorrow, can't be having that,

1 Apr, 2017


I think they're shoots off your blackberry rather than ground elder, specially if you've not had ground elder growing nearby before. You'll know soon enough, ground elder doesn't get to any height, so if that new growth starts to develop a stem and gets taller, its off the blackberry.

1 Apr, 2017

2 Apr, 2017


Ground elder has a pungent and not pleasant smell to it if you crush a leaf.

2 Apr, 2017

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