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By Gemzgg

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

So I decided to mulch using bark and I've done a part of my borders. I've weeded and put around the base of the plants and no decided to full the entire soil area as it looks really tidy. My only concern is that my perenials from last year that haven't yet sprung up won't find their way through the the bark. X



Sorry that should say and I've decided to fill

3 Apr, 2017


Unless the mulch is deeper than say 12 inches then your plants will easily find their way through.

3 Apr, 2017


Ah that's fantastic news...only about 2 that's marvellous x

3 Apr, 2017


I would keep the mulch thin around the immediate base of any woody plants, though. Thick mulch piled around the trunks or basal branches can have ill effects on the lower bark, and encourage the formation of roots circling the trunk base, eventually strangling the tree or shrub.

3 Apr, 2017


Agree - don't let the bark chips sit against any woody shrub or tree trunks.

3 Apr, 2017

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