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Anyone else had their daffodil flowers eaten by some mysterious flower-munching bug? If so, any idea what it is?



Are you sure it isn't the birds pecking at the buds to get the bugs and damaging the flowers as a result.

4 Apr, 2017


I have seen birds, squirrels slugs and snails all at mine. a slug was 'asleep' inside one of my doubles. it is never going to wake up now.

4 Apr, 2017


Thanks ladies - I'd never thought of that - seems to explain it unless someone has a different idea.

4 Apr, 2017


So many of my daffs have been munched this year that I have deadheaded almost as many as bloomed. I always put it down to slugs but as MG and SBG say, it could be any number of critters.

6 Apr, 2017

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