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Scotland Sco

Can anyone ID this critter for me. It has smooth skin.




Cutworm, one of the many kinds. Not sure what it metamorphs into though.

5 Apr, 2017


Various kinds of medium-sized moths.

5 Apr, 2017


I cannot remember ever seeing anything like this before. I bought a tray of 6 dwarf rhododendrons and when I took them out of the tray to give them water I found this one. I hope there are no more but I will keep a look out now you have told me what it is.

5 Apr, 2017


How big is it?

5 Apr, 2017


3cms. I thought it was a young slug because it looked all mottled along the top. I picked it up and it was soft and velvety to touch.

6 Apr, 2017

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