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Hi, I have potted on plug plants of fuchsia's and petunia and wondered whether to feed them yet and what with? I usually use tomato plant food once they are in their final place once a week/fortnight depending on when I remember.



Potting on will be fine for now ... that should have enough nutrients in the new compost , you need to be careful feeding plugs etc the feed can easily damage roots and leaves ... when in final pots I normally start to feed from 5 or 6 weeks after , tomato food is ideal but I would use at half strength twice a week rather than just feed once ...
Hope that helps

7 Apr, 2017


that's great thank you

7 Apr, 2017


When potting on plug plants I add a small amount of slow release granular feed to the regular potting compost(2/3) and some perlite(1/3) so that the plants have a small amount of slow feeding while growing. Works for me.

7 Apr, 2017

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