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Why have my Red Japanese Acers (Palmatum Varieties) died. Initially one in the back garden which was sheltered by a large Leylandii Hedge in next doors garden just died, after the hedge was cut down. The next, in the following year was also in the back garden but was in a slightly different location, less sheltered, but which appeared to have suffered from a blackfly infestation early in the season and then the leaves shrivelled and died, spraying seemed to have no affect. This year the red acer in the front garden has suffered what I can only describe as partial dieback. Some branches have gone pale and when cut back are dead. This has happened randomly although the lower branches do seem so far to have escaped this and are coming in to leaf. All of the trees were kept in pots in our home in the West of Scotland for the first 10 years of their life and were planted in the ground in Central Bedfordshire when we moved here 5 years ago. Other Acers of both fine leaf and other coloured varieties show no sign of distress. Help, I do love Acers, what can I do to save the remaining red Acer and keep the others healthy. One final point we do have very fine sandy soil to which I have added manure and other soil improvers, however it drains very easily and needs watering in dry periods.



I think the drying winds due the hedge being removed and the freely draining soil is the cause. mine died over 2 years when I moved it to wha I thought was a better spot. Clearly it wasn't.

Watering and more humus added to the soil might help. see what others suggest.

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8 Apr, 2017


Sounds like frost and wind damage to me. Die back is a sign of both.

9 Apr, 2017

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