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Please can anyone name these little tulips?

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Both look like forms of Tulipa humilis. Possibly T.h. Odalisque and T.h. albocaerulea.

7 Apr, 2017


I was thinking T saxatilis for the top, and T clusiana for the bottom.

8 Apr, 2017


T. saxatilis has a yellow centre. T, clusiana has more pointed petals, but there could well be one in the bottom picture as well as the others. The one out to the right is different to the others.

8 Apr, 2017


I have reddish one like this called 'Little beauty'.
I have photos of them in my garden section.

8 Apr, 2017


Thank you folks. Oldboggy the one on the right is the same as the others - they all look like that from the side.
The white ones do look like clusiana but not quite the same variety as any I can see on Google.

Little Beauty is a good match for the red ones Seaburngirl - thank you - Google says they are scented which I hadn't noticed as they aren't near the edge of the bed - so tomorrow I'm off to have a sniff!

I do like these small ones and a bonus is they flower when some of the earlies are finishing. What a lot there are , and they spread too -tempting to start a collection!

8 Apr, 2017


Right about saxatilis, Owdboggy--sorry, memory failure!

9 Apr, 2017

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