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By Lynneg

North Humberside, United Kingdom Gb

Azalea? I was given this a couple of weeks ago as my friend had given up on it.Could anyone confirm that it is an azalea please.Secondly is there any hope for it?




It looks like an azalea that's been sun scorched & lack of sufficient water. See how the leaves look burnt & crispy? Is there hope for it? Depends on how severe the damage is. You'll probably loose the whole top and will take a couple years to recover. My advice - garbage can! You can easily pick up a nice healthy one at the garden center & they aren't very expensive. Plant the new one is place that gets dappled sun - under a deciduous tree is ideal. Rich hums & moist soil. Some morning sun or late afternoon sun is OK, but not full-on sun all day.

8 Apr, 2017


Than you Bathgate.Always feel guilty ditching plants but heed your advice.

8 Apr, 2017


I think it highly doubtful this azalea will recover... as Bathgate says, bin it!

8 Apr, 2017


Have ditched it- and apologised as I did!

8 Apr, 2017


So your friend gave you a dead plant? LOL

9 Apr, 2017


Thinking about it I have had better gifts!!

9 Apr, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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