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Tallest sunflower (best variety to grow)

My god-daughter wants to grow sunflowers so I have promised I will help ....



Any of the following varieties...Sunzilla Skyscraper Amazon Titan Giganteus or Goliath

9 Apr, 2017


You can get those tall ones, but unless you provide a lot of fertilizer and a well composted area, they may be disappointing in how tall they get. A friend grows them, but he goes to his brother's place where there are cows, and gets manure from there; and then he mixes in stuff from his chickens. He does get huge sunflowers.

9 Apr, 2017


Thanks both

BG I will look up the varieties ..

Wylie , she goes horse riding so thats sorted lol


9 Apr, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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