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By Joypat

Bedford, United Kingdom Gb

Hi can you help? last year I had a dry brown ring on my lawn ,it was so bad I cut it out and re turfed it, now its back just a bigger ring outside the re turfed area, the photographs have had a filter over them to enhance the image
many thanks

Lawn_1 Lawn_2



I don't know what a 'filtered' picture is, but if you had a brown ring last year, and that ring has recurred this year further out, the likelihood is you have what's known as a fairy ring. There's nothing you can do about them, other than keep the grass well fed

Usually, though, toadstools or mushrooms appear in the browner parts of the ring, and the grass is darker green on both sides of the browned area - I'm not seeing that in your pictures. I wouldn't expect to see toadstools now, as its been very dry, but I'm also unable to tell whether there's a darker green ring of grass anywhere.

10 Apr, 2017


OK thanks for that ,filtered pics did not send as filtered but they showed the ring more clearly,its about two mts across and 200 cms wide and yes it has had toadstools and other odd looking fungi.
ill just give it some feed then,

10 Apr, 2017


Compost tea will help by increasing the diversity of soil flora, giving the fairy ring toadstools some competition.

10 Apr, 2017

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