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My garden was neglected for 30 years and i have cleared. I used stump killer on the ivy as it was as think as trees. Now its cleared in the surface, i have ivy roots that make it impossible to dig. Do i persist cutting it out and taking months of effort? Do you think it might be better to cover with landcape material and gravel. Every partof the ground has thick ivy roots and i cant dig it. Sm also on a hill. Any ideas?

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Sounds a nightmare, what size area are you dealing with ?

I would start a minimum 3 year plan ( depending what you want to do with it) and pick one spot and break down into manageable jobs other wise if you tackle the whole lot you wont succeed , tarpaulins are very useful and will stop any re-growth I used once on allotment as that was badly neglected.... the committee moaned if you hadn't got all the grass brambles and weeds under control within 6 months.

If you can hire a rotavator may come in handy see if it works rather than go to the cost of buying one

Any chance of photos


10 Apr, 2017


Check out my blog for photos. See what you think.

10 Apr, 2017


If the ivy is really dead, pick an area to work over with a mattock, and develop into a bed this year, as Gg says. In addition, spread a good living compost--not potting compost--about 5-10 cm deep over the rest of the property, to accelerate the rotting of the dead roots. I never trust ivy, so I would also keep the SBK handy to quash re-growth. With all that dead wood underground, expect some interesting fungi to appear, mostly not harmful to the garden, but also mostly not for eating! Annuals, herbaceous perennials, and some of the smaller ornamental grasses can dress up the composting area until you can get around to digging it. Each year, the digging should get easier.

10 Apr, 2017


Just had a look at your blogs ....

Interesting projects to come ....


10 Apr, 2017


Yes hardy easy annual seeds would be a good idea. This is going to be a long term task but don't get disheartened - it will be well worth all the patience. Just try to clear a small area at a time properly, rather than a larger area partially.
You could put your strawberries in troughs for this year.

I would certainly avoid landscape fabric and gravel - apart from it looking dull and cheerless and hard to move when you get tired of it the gravel will tend to move down the hill and expose the fabric so you would need to terrace it. And it won't stop small annual weeds once its been down for while.

10 Apr, 2017


Sounds like great therapy, enjoy. It's the journey more than the destination.

11 Apr, 2017

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