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My Clemitis has been chewed, all that is left is the stalks at the bottom, anyone got any idea what it could be?




Very likely our good friend slug

20 Apr, 2017


B*******s! lol! Yes, it happens a lot to me too! I tend to use coffee grinds spread liberally around the base as a barrier. There are lots you can try....egg shells, copper rings etc. Good luck, it's a war out there ;)

20 Apr, 2017


You can use something like "Sluggo" I also invite the birdies in with a fresh clean bird bath & let them eat breakfast.

21 Apr, 2017


Must admit....sluggo has been used here.

21 Apr, 2017


Thank You All, I'll get some Sluggo I think, do you think another shoot may come up?

21 Apr, 2017


It might but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for...

21 Apr, 2017


Is the idea of copper as a slug repellent a myth or does it work? Thanks Shaun

21 Apr, 2017


Copper & Slug repellents do work, I have put slug pellets round mine now & the bits that have been chewed are showing signs of re-growth :o))
I have added a photo for you to see the re-growth :o)) x

25 Apr, 2017

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