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Hi all
Anyone know what this is?

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Cardamine pratense, aka cuckoo flower or Mayflower. They like growing in water meadows. (I passed a field full this morning - lovely!)

20 Apr, 2017


Awesome. Thanks for this. It is a meadow that it is growing in but never had this flower in it before. Will it take over? Any key facts about it...always keen to learn. ???

20 Apr, 2017


It will spread gently if its happy but isn't aggressive and will disappear later in the season. I forgot its also known as Ladies Smock (and lots of other country names)

Culpepper says in his Herbal that "they are very little inferior to watercresses in all their operations. They are excellent good for scurvy. They provoke urine and break the stone, and excellently warm cold and weak stomach, restoring the appetite help digestion."

Because of your Avatar name I also looked it up in Gerard's Herbal - he doesn't mention any medicinal properties but does say that is an annual, and shoots its seeds out when touched when they are ripe. (surprising as some suppliers are selling it as a garden plant!)

That's all I know about it.

20 Apr, 2017


Wow. You are a fount of knowledge ?? Many thanks

20 Apr, 2017


Not really - this one just happens to be a favourite...

21 Apr, 2017


Pleased I looked at some recent questions as I have just taken a photo of this flower growing on the grass verge in front of our house. They look nice so will leave them to set seed.

22 Apr, 2017


Yes, they re so dainty aren't they?

22 Apr, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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