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Short stems on alstroemerias! Hello, I got these lily from my college last summer, kept them over winter in the pot in greenhouse and they've Just started to flower but the stems are really short.... in the college greenhouse last year they were probably 4 or 5 foot tall (not in pots)
Will they get bigger as the weather warms up?
Should I get them out of the pot and plant in greenhouse?
Or could I plant them outside and protect them in winter?
Any other tips for getting maximum display!
I'm in Bournemouth south coast!!

Thanks! Martin




They should be fine planted in the ground, where they'll probably achieve more height, but possibly they were very tall in their original site because they were sheltered, grown in optimum conditions and may have been fed regularly. This particular one might be Alstromeria Alexis, hard to be sure because there are so many varieties. Keep well watered for a couple of months after planting though, until it puts out new roots for itself.

Best to remove the bindweed stem which has wrapped itself round the cane in the pot though...

23 Apr, 2017


Did you get the whole plant, Martin, or just a small division? Also, what have you been feeding them? They look a bit starved, to me.

24 Apr, 2017


Iv started giving them a weekly tomato feed but haven't overwatered them as I read they didn't like that... and yes got rid of the bindweed!!

29 Apr, 2017


Oh and I just lifted a clump of the tubers and potted them up when I got home! I'll try and plant them in the greenhouse tomorrow....

29 Apr, 2017

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