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Just wondering what I am doing wrong with my golden coast Dragon tree

its leaves are curling down on both sides and are looking kind of wrinkled. I have now took it off the window sill thinking that this was the problem but I'm unsure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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This plant does not like direct sun, so if the window you had it stood in let sun through, that might be the trouble. The other possibility, depending when the trouble started, is cold nights - a windowsill is a cold place to be at night, and the temperatures in the last week or so have plummeted.

27 Apr, 2017


The pot is not standing on a saucer so just wondering if it has drainage holes? If not it may be too wet?

27 Apr, 2017


No drainage holes on the pot and the window does let sun through. I do wait until 3 inch dry before watering so maybe the sun was a factor. Will this heal itself in time? Thanks for the help guys

27 Apr, 2017


My first thought was the pot is too small. I would give it a new home in a larger pot with fresh new compost/potting soil. As Steragram states, drainage is a must. Keep in mind the roots need to breathe. Moist is good, sopping wet not so much.

27 Apr, 2017


And in a pot with no drainage, the top of the soil might be too dry, while the bottom is stinking wet.

29 Apr, 2017


Forgot to add - yes it should heal itself as soon as it gets the conditions it needs.

29 Apr, 2017

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