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Can someone tell me what is this lovely flower is and can the leave use for cooking?

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

Do anybody know whether why my lovely plant starting to die this year, will it survive now after I feed and give it plenty of water. thanks




It looks a bit like choisya and no I don't think it is edible. see if anyone else suggests a different id.

27 Apr, 2017


Agree,Choisya ternata, and no, there are no known edible uses for this plant. I can't imagine wanting to use the leaves for cooking anyway, they absolutely reek if you bruise them, well I think they do, I used to dread having to drive the cuttings off to the tip and being trapped inside the car with that horrible smell...

27 Apr, 2017


Lime leaves are used in Thai and Vietnamese cooking, but Choisya leaves don't smell anything like lime, by all accounts! :)

29 Apr, 2017


Thanks everyone, sorry Bamboo if you think it smell horrible, maybe I have funny sense of smell. thanks for you comments

29 Apr, 2017


The flowers smell fine, but I can't stand the leaves - however, I'm aware that other people feel neutral about the smell, or positively like it, so it just proves we're all different!

29 Apr, 2017

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