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Not so much a question.
I have been a regular customer spending several hundreds over the last 10 years or so with the famous or infamous, as some people on GOY refer to them, a company based in Jersey that do direct gardening.
I accept that when ordering plugs, that they are very small and I can accept this and enjoy growing them on.
When you order over £30 worth, you can get a " mystery plant offer " for £4.99 which the company state that the plants will be worth at least double , if not more, than purchasing at the normal price.
I have attached 2 photos of the plants that I received from them.
Despite numerous emails to the customer service manager, they maintain that the plants represent good value for money. You can draw on your own conclusions.
Please don't get me wrong, I am pleased with my plugs, but just a warning to all GOY's they are not one of the best companies to deal with in respect to customer relations.
The 1st pic are the 6 plants valued at £1.66 each
2nd pic is my million bells purchased from a local GC for £1.00 4 weeks ago, and the mystery million bell valued at £1.66.

Gd_6_plants Gd_millionbells



Hi, I know exactly what you mean, and I know the company you're talking about, {I'm pretty sure it's thompson and morgan }, I bought some 'plug plants' from them several years ago, they were nothing more than germinated seedlings, in a tray with 42 spaces in it, which fitted in the palm of my hand, { my wife has bigger sewing thimbles }, and some so called bare root plants, these I would have called plug plants, not second year perennials, I was absolutely disgusted with them, and let them know what I thought about them, I have never bought from them since, and have no plans to do so in the future, Derek.

28 Apr, 2017


T&M isn't the first one that sprang to mind with me. There's one beginning with P that sends out pretty small stuff sometimes and they sent me the wrong variety of a perennial one year. When I complained they sent me a free one the following year - and it was still the same wrong one. So now I just enjoy looking at the pictures in their catalogue.

28 Apr, 2017


Which one beginning with P?

28 Apr, 2017


I won't buy from T&M either, Derek. I had issues with the size and quality of their plants years ago and have given them a miss ever since.

I'd also like to know which one beginning with P, Stera.

29 Apr, 2017


It's not T&M folks. The clue is Direct Gardening, used to be called Jersey plants.
As I said the plugs are often very small, but I enjoy potting them up and nurturing them. I am lucky that I have a couple of greenhouses to do this.
I also do lots of my own seeds,in my propagators and heating mat, only flowers, and they are bigger now than what I was sent.

29 Apr, 2017


I have been using Gardening Direct for many years and on only one occasion have I had a problem and it was quickly resolved. Buying mail order can be a problem as you cannot see what you are buying. I know it's always easy to be wise after the event but I would always shy away from the ''mystery plant'' offer as I would imagine that they are plants which they are keen to get rid of. Never mind, let them keep their mystery plants in future.

29 Apr, 2017


Will PM you Bamboo

29 Apr, 2017


Last year was the 1st time I tried buying off the net. Got some plug trailing surfintas Petunias from a company call Broodsiide Nursery. Only ordered off net as being new to area, couldn't find any local they arrived on time and all did well so decided to order again this year. 5 large plugs £5.99. Also ordered tray of 40 Busy Lizzie Dezire mixed for £5.99. These were small but at that price, it was what I expected, and 3 Jumbo plug Penstemon for £6.99. There was only one postage charge for all which was £3.95 which I didn't think was bad. Hubby then wanted some upright Phlox and ordered from Crocus. Can't remember price but it was 30 something for 9 plus postage. They arrived in a over the top tall box. When I opened them, someone when packing had put plants in bottom, then I think just dropped the catalogue on top of them, resulting in 3 of the 9 having crushed bits. I will give them their due, I phoned them straight away and with no arguments, they said they would express 3 replacements which they did. It is a worry when orderinng off internet.

30 Apr, 2017

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