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I am thinking of planting some azaleas in a position about 2foot away from a wild flower plot ie bluebells, primroses, fritillaries and old established fruit trees but have heard that azaleas can poison the ground around them to any other plantings. Is this true or can I go ahead without any problems.



Azaleas, which are Rhododendrons, do not, in my experience, poison the soil we have over 40 in our garden and other plants and shrubs grow right up to them. Make rue your soil is acidic though you you will need to feed regularly with a ericaceous feed.

28 Apr, 2017


Agree with Moon growe. You can certainly grow azaleas with other plants. My hostas grow right along with my azaleas & lily of the valley. They all get along just fine.

28 Apr, 2017


There is ongoing research currently into the allelopathic effects of Rhododendron, but the primary subject/culprit is actually Rhododendron ponticum, the one that grows wild in the UK. Certainly there's some evidence that this particular plant may inhibit seed germination and disrupt mycorrhizal fungal activity, which assists many other plants to grow, but this allelopathic effect is not seen across all varieties of Rhododendron, including Azalea, so I wouldn't anticipate your plant will cause any problems for other plants and bulbs growing nearby.

28 Apr, 2017


Thanks very much for the responses, I shall go ahead without any worries now

28 Apr, 2017

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