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I have a few problems with my laurus nobilis lolly pop bay tree, I have brown leaves, brown circles and holes also scales could you help me I've only had it a couple of months . thanks




Many things could be the problem. If you have only recently had it, it might not be frost-hardy and we did have a frost the other night. Although evergreen, they do lose some leaves as a matter of course. Soil, whether in the ground or planted out could be too dry. As far as the scale insect is concerned then you could spray with a systemic insecticide but not if you are going to use the leaves for culinary purposes. I would be inclined to leave alone and perhaps give it a feed and wait and see what happens.

29 Apr, 2017


I need to see the condition of the Bay tree itself to make a proper assessment. I don't know how long these leaves have been detached from the mother plant. Does the whole plant look like this? If so, it's all over. It's natural for it to cast a few older leaves in the Spring. Is your Bay tree growing indoors or out? As Jimmy says, any number of factors could cause this. Can you post a pic of the actual Bay tree in question?

29 Apr, 2017


Hi Bath gate
Thanks for replying, oops I've already removed the brown and damaged leaves yesterday, they were the picture I sent. Its kept on my balcony in a corner in pot ,,,
I've also use slightly soapy water with cloth and cleaned every leaf to remove scales. (Took me some time)
Hope I haven't hurt it
Many thanks.

30 Apr, 2017


That must have been a tedious task, but it could have saved your tree. If the Bay tree is still in the same place in the same conditions, the next question is; how to prevent a recurrence?

30 Apr, 2017


Thanks for replying

2 May, 2017

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