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By Dafydd

Gwynedd, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I have planted flowers in containers this year. Do I need to change the compost for next year or can I re use the same compost.
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Opinions differ. Some people say yes always change it. Others say its OK to use it again if its totally pest free as long as you add some more fertilizer to the mix. I change it in smaller containers (say up to about 30cm-ish) and just replace the top six inches or so in large ones. The old stuff isn't wasted if you add it to needy places in the garden.

30 Apr, 2017


In theory, you should change it because it may contain pathogens from the previous year's planting. In practice, unless you have seen a major problem with the plants, particularly any fungal problem like Downy Mildew or rust, many people risk reusing it and simply refresh it the following year by adding Growmore and maybe a top up of fresh potting compost.

30 Apr, 2017


It is less important to change it if you plant different flowers each year, as a kind of "crop rotation".

30 Apr, 2017

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